Reconditioning Programs

Reconditioning is the new Rehabilitation; it’s a more inclusive approach for creating positive outcomes for everyone. Our Reconditioning Programs provide solutions for tension, discomfort, poor movement, decreased performance or inflammation in the major locations of the body.

Each program provides you with various movement patterns and drills to perform so you can assess which techniques work best for your issue. We know that no two issues are the same which is why we give you multiple solutions, you just perform the program to identify the most beneficial solutions for a more tailored approach.

Our Roll & Move programs consist of some movements and drills that utilise a roller. Our Move only programs do not require any further tools.

Step One

Identify your area of discomfort and select the corresponding program to follow. Or, purchase our entire Programs Package as an affordable and accessible re-conditioning resource for you and/or your clients.

Step Two

Follow the program from start to finish at least once. Take note of which techniques are providing you the greatest relief and feedback.

Step Three

Perform the techniques that are providing you the most relief for at least 20 minutes each day. These applications should form part of your new morning ritual, your pre-game routine or your rehabilitation program.

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Includes all Re-conditioning Programs shown below and any future Re-conditioning programs added to the library.


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