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Developed by two of the fitness industry’s leading educators and practitioners, this three-level course is based upon movement techniques and applications and systems that have helped thousands of people across the world decrease inflammation, improve tissue health and achieve optimal performance levels.

It is designed for those fitness and healthcare professionals who want to go beyond traditional education and utilise innovative techniques with their clients, athletes and even their family and themselves for immediate changes and results in the body.

Our methodology is the only one of its kind in the industry that focuses profoundly on shifting fluid throughout the body to decrease inflammation – the common denominator between tension, discomfort, poor movement, injury and decreased performance.

The secret to the success of our movement applications and techniques is a result of our ability to create a systematic approach with a combined focus on the neural system, re-connecting movement patterns through play (we brought play to the industry back in 2009, and we’re still playing!), fluid response and aligning all aspects of the four bodies—physical, mental, emotional, spiritual—through breathwork and other holistic practices.

The course framework follows a systematic, practical and easy-to implement approach where each level builds upon each other. Across the levels, you will learn our complete set of signature movements, techniques and applications, understand the scientific rationale behind our foundational principles and given tools to assist you with positive behaviour change and coaching from comprehensive questionnaires and multiple appraisal systems to a full program design guide.

Rodney demonstration movement techniques and applications at a Live Immersion Event

Who is this course designed for?

If you are a Fitness professional, Sports Physician, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Alternative Healthcare provider or any other Allied-health professional, this course is for you. Professional development is important – it will provide you with an approach you can add onto your graduate profession for increased results with your patients, clients and athletes, and will add a point-of-difference to you as a professional.

If you are not in the fitness or healthcare industry but have issues with your own body and are inquisitive about the scientific rationale behind our solutions, we would love for you to join Level 1 of this course. If you’re just looking for solutions without needing to understand the nitty gritty, our Reconditioning Programs or Movement Library are designed for you!

Get started

In the first level of the Immersion course, you learn our signature movement applications and techniques that focus on the boney, muscley and fascially-rich isolated locations of the body to increase fluid flow in the fascial, circulation and lymphatic system, decrease inflammation and subsequently enhance the body’s biomechanical performance and behaviour. We educate and guide you through the scientific rationale behind these powerful applications so you can easily implement them into your own movement routine and/or your clients’ sessions for transformational and instant change. You will become competent in connecting to your body on a deeper level — identifying how you truly feel during movement — so you have the skills to demonstrate the movements efficiently and understand empathetically how to help others achieve optimal movement, wellness and performance levels. The course is facilitated by world-renowned practitioner Ian O’Dwyer both online and face-to-face at live events.

Explore Objectives

Hands-on Strategies

Explore the depths of human motion through unique hands-on strategies to help you gain awareness and technique.

Revolutionary Applications

Learn two sets of our revolutionary applications (SOE & SME) that effectively engage the human being and produce instant change.

Understanding Your Body

Learn to connect more deeply with yourself and experience how you and your body truly move so you understand how your clients are feeling.

Tissues and Motion

Explore and interact with rhythm, timing and symmetry, and identify how these attributes operate in tissues during motion.

Osteo-Myofascial Rings

Discover and explore the Osteo-Myofascial Rings.

Practical Application

Practice and apply precise techniques for Self Osteofascial Engagement (SOE) and Self Myofascial Engagement (SME).

Online Immersion

We wanted to make our education accessible to every professional, no matter where you are in the world which is why we’ve now launched an online version of Level 1.


100+ videos
16 hours of content
Lifetime Access

Live Immersion

Our popular live version is facilitated by Ian O’Dwyer at different times and locations throughout the year. Each event is open to only an intimate group of attendees.


2 days of personalised
one-on-one coaching with
Ian O’Dwyer

No pre-requisites required to start Immersion Level 1

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