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Expand your knowledge and improve your movement and performance with our online education and video platform. It’s sort of like having Ian O’Dwyer & Rodney Corn in your pocket with all of the solutions on hand. The four components of our online platform include Re-conditioning Programs, Goal-Based Programs, a large Movement Library and our Immersion course. Whether you are a health professional or just seeking solutions to the issues with your own body, there is a program or course designed for you.

Re-conditioning Programs

Are you struggling with tension, discomfort, poor movement, decreased sports performance or inflammation? Each of our re-conditioning programs provides you with multiple solution-based application videos that present immediate changes in the body.

Movement Library

Our Movement Library comprises of hundreds of innovative three-dimensional movements that you can use for the rest of your life. Each video offers guidance on how to perform the movement efficiently so you can easily add them to you or your clients current program or create an entirely new one. Embark on your journey to achieving optimal wellness and peak performance.

Goal-Based Programs

Our Goal-Based Programs help you enhance your health and performance in 12 weeks. Choose your goal – increased wellness, strength, vitality or sports specificity and transform your life. We are now offering our 12-week program in the field of wellness with additional goals coming soon.

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