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Rehabilitation, a traditional method of healing specific body tissues, often isolates the issue (nerve, muscle, fascia, skeletal etc.) for treatment, which is not always successful.

At Feel SOMA, we prefer the term RECONDITIONING, which focuses on treating the human being as a whole rather than merely the physical body. This comprehensive approach recognises that no system operates in isolation within a human being, so our reconditioning process addresses everything.

With Feel SOMA’s online education and video platform, guided by leaders in their fields Ian O’Dwyer & Rodney Corn, you can enhance your understanding and develop your movement and performance. This platform is akin to having all the solutions at your fingertips.

Our online platform consists of four key components: Re-conditioning Programs, Goal-Based Programs, an expansive Movement Library, and our Immersion course. Whether you are a healthcare professional or someone looking to resolve your own body’s issues, there’s a program or course specifically tailored for you.

Feel SOMA MB5 Techniques at Live Event Immersion

Re-Conditioning Programs

Facing issues with tension, discomfort, limited movement, diminished sports performance, or inflammation?

Feel SOMA’s re-conditioning programs offer you a series of solution-based application videos designed to bring about immediate changes in the body.

These tailored programs align with our commitment to human movement education, self-care, and a comprehensive understanding of Self Osteo Myofascial Applications.

Movement Library

Feel SOMA’s Movement Library is stocked with hundreds of innovative three-dimensional movements designed to be lifelong tools for wellness.

Each video within this library provides clear guidance on executing the movement efficiently, enabling you to incorporate them into your own or your client’s existing programmes or to craft an entirely new one.

This is a valuable resource in your pursuit of optimal wellness and peak performance, in line with our dedication to human movement, self-care, and education in Self Osteo Myofascial Applications.

Sports Focussed Programs

From Australian Rules Football to Golf, Rugby, Swimming and Athletics, Feel SOMA is focussed on optimising performance and fostering holistic well-being using self-osteo myofascial applications.

Our approach combines athletic development with personal growth, creating a unique and transformative training experience for every athlete.

Our fist Sports Focussed Program is now Live on the site. It is a Golf Program Package deal that consists of 4 programs that are focus on improving your golf game.

Functional Everyday Strength

Our Goal-Based Programs help you enhance your health and performance in 12 weeks. Choose your goal – increased wellness, strength, vitality or sports specificity and transform your life.

Creating everyday strength means the exercises have to mimic what we do in everyday life to create quality of life.

We are now offering our 12-week program in the field of wellness with additional goals coming soon.

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