Self Osteo Myofascial Applications

Our Philosophy

At Feel SOMA, we started with a vision of revolutionizing movement and better health for all. Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that improved health and movement performance should be accessible to everyone. By combining collective knowledge, practice-based evidence, applied science, and research, we shape the world to achieve this goal.

Our approach is simple yet innovative. We offer practical applications called Self Osteo Myofascial Applications (SOMA) that empower your body to prepare, condition, perform, recover, and re-condition effectively.

These applications are designed to be used on yourself, delivering instant change, reducing inflammation, enhancing performance, and promoting regenerative tissue health. Whether incorporated into your morning ritual, pre-game routine, or rehabilitation program, SOMA applications are the key to unlocking your body’s full potential.

Feel SOMA - Our Philosphy

Our Philosophy Focus

Research and Science

The Neural System

Important to identify and understand the various roles specific mechanoreceptors play in motion change.

Mechanical Patterning

Vital to reset positive patterns and communication for an optimal feeling of wellbeing, function and vitality.

Fluid Response

Enhance the potential of fluid in tissues, critical for optimal health, recovery and performance.

The Four Bodies

Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual change through proprietary techniques, challenges and applications, enhancing quality of life.
Our Philosophy on Self Osteo Myofascial Applications - Feel SOMA

Techniques and Applications

Practice-Based Evidence