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SOMA stands for Self Osteo Myofascial Applications. The Feel SOMA practice is a self-care, tissue management system that allows you to move, feel and live better.

There are people and/or organisations teaching Fascial Mobilisers and Osteofascial Release and unless they have completed the Feel SOMA Process (Level 1, 2 & 3 and the Feel SOMA Teaching course), they are not qualified or experienced to teach the Feel SOMA philosophy.

They may be using an application similar in name but not our scientific rationale or technique.

Yes, they are movements, but you won’t get the optimal outcome unless you practice the correct technique. Many people and organisations have morphed their own definition of our philosophy into the application.

No, Feel SOMA is for anyone who wants to become empowered to move, feel and live better.

It is a philosophy with over sixty years of collective research and application, challenging the view of the human body’s traditional perspective and focusing on the human being. Understanding that we can change tissue (of which there are 7 we focus on) instantly if we first become aware of what the tissue requires.

This inclusive client-centred methodology promotes regenerative health through self-care. Regenerative Health is about re-establishing an internal state of balance on many levels.

Yes, our programs are completely interchangeable with exisiting programs. You may choose to use certain components of the Feel SOMA™ programs to help enhance your already existing program OR our program can be used as stand alone program. 


No, a pre-requisite is that all attendees must have the knowledge and skills to apply the various levels of techniques and applications delivered in prior digital or face-to-face Immersions.

The Masterclass experience empowers attendees to identify and discover myths,  issues and challenges that are commonly labelled in our bodies and implement the Feel SOMA system to create potential solutions.

You will be exposed to dogmas that are regularly communicated in our industry, muscles are tight, glutes are weak, core needs strengthening, you are aging so you should feel discomfort and many more.

The Masterclass will challenge the status-quo (what is commonly told and believed) by questioning various titles that the body has been given,  then applying simple challenges and techniques to see how the tissue responds. Simply, you will be exposed to many issues that are generally put in the “too hard” basket.

You will leave the Masterclass with more tools to you, your clients and your business evolve and succeed.

No, the Masterclass will permit you to apply and experience the power of the Feel SOMA™ techniques and applications, previously learnt at a face-to-face Immersion or Digital Immersion.

In the Masterclass, you will witness and feel in real-time, the change in tissue response and how it affects the human being on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level. The Feel SOMA™ Masterclass brings a whole new perspective of self-care and tissue management by listening and engaging the tissues and then empowering attendees to appraise and design positive solutions.


Yes there are, for those wanting to learn the scientific rationale, techniques and applications of Feel SOMA™ through the Digital Immersion and then experience in real time the power of creating solutions through the Live Masterclass, we have created a package.

Digital Immersions

Yes, since 2020 and Covid, Feel SOMA felt we needed to go to an online format to enable access to people who want to be a better version of them.

Previously we were a face-to-face experience, but that has now changed.

The digital Immersion has been designed to make the whole educational experience real. The various techniques and application have been recorded in a style as to how we would coach a client.

This enables you to perform a three-step process:

  1.  Watch, listen and learn the technique
  2.  Practice the technique, whilst reviewing the video
  3.  Metric how you feel after completing the technique. This is all done in the comfort of your own location.

Corporate Workshops

These workshops can be tailored to address whatever the client requires in their organisation; they are formatted around creating sustainability, longevity and performance.

The workshop identifies life areas that require attention and action, creating awareness, then strategies to regain health, vitality, clarity and enjoyment in your life.

They can be as little as 2 or 4 hours or as long as 1 or 2 days, once again based around the desires and needs of the organisation.

Yes Feel SOMA™ can conduct these workshops in regional areas.


These Online Programs will empower you to solve challenging issues that frustrate people daily, including movement, posture, discomfort and pain.

They are based around fundamental patterns that the tissues require to maintain health and performance.

The programs can be implemented into existing programs or used as stand-alone programs.

Each program has distinct categories:

  1. Self Osteofascial  Engagement  using rollers and balls (hydrating & lubricating the tissues)
  2. Self Fascial Mobilisers (motion for the fascial and bony tissue) both of these techniques and applications are proprietary to Feel SOMA
  3. Everyday Strength (3-dimensional challenges of life)
  4. Movement Drills (effective movement to precondition the client).

The Feel SOMA Online Programs are efficient strategies, encouraging yours or your client’s body to perform to the level that you or they desire.

Performed regularly, the tissues will regain improved patterns and ease of motion; enhancing mobility, stability and vitality in everyday life.

Feel SOMA™ Movement Programs are designed for Individuals constantly challenged with tension, discomfort, poor movement and performance, or inflammation in the body. 

The programs focus on particular rings (locations) of the body, using proprietary applications and techniques to engage the tissue, creating change to important systems of the body (neural, mechanical, fluid).

Each program consists of instructional videos (18-25 videos) guiding you through the Feel SOMA™ solution process. The Movement Programs can be used as a stand-alone program or integrated into existing programs. 

Feel SOMA™ Goal-Based Programs are specifically designed to successfully achieve your goal. The program focus is on essential desires in life; wellness, strength, vitality, sports specificity etc.

The programs have been methodically designed to implement movements and challenges that enhance human health and performance. Integrating movement patterns and resistance, mimicking everyday life tasks that enhance the mind-body connection.

Our Movement Library is currently 183 videos of both instructional and non-instructional content. Ideal for those independent people, requiring guidance on “how to” perform an exercise to those who need a reminder.

The library is also ideal for health professionals, those looking for effective and fundamental challenges to create a positive experience for their clients. An ideal addition to enhance any professionals “toolbox”.

The library creates simplicity of exercise choice; choose a movement pattern, use familiar resistance tools, enjoy clear concise video selection, experience an enjoyable program. 

Yes, here are our options for the Movement/Library Content.

OPTION 1. For those just wanting to have access to a resource of 183 videos, incorporating intelligent movements and easy to use tools. With a 12 monthly subscription of $14.99/month, you will receive access to;

  • Movement Library (183 videos)

OPTION 2. For people looking for movement resources and solutions for niggling issues in specific parts of the body. This is a once-yearly full payment of $159 and receive access to the following;

  • Movement Library (183 videos)
  • Movement Programs (143 videos)

OPTION 3. This is for people wanting to invest in their future by accessing the entire Feel SOMA™ Programming; movement resources, body location solutions and 12-week structured Goal-Based programs. This is a biannual (2 year) full payment of $299 and receive access to the following;

  • Movement Library – an abundance of resources using known resistance tools (183 videos)
  • Program Package – body location solutions (143 videos)
  • Goal-Based Programs – 12-week programs (400+ videos)

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Private Coaching

These Online Programs will empower you to solve challenging issues that frustrate people daily, including movement, posture, discomfort and pain.

They are based around fundamental patterns that the tissues require to maintain health and performance.

The programs can be implemented into existing programs or used as stand-alone programs.

It can be delivered directly, face to face or through various mediums of the internet, whichever is convenient and effective to both parties.