“Ian O’Dwyer is a healer, and I don’t use that word lightly. Long years with animals, people in trouble, and sportsmen at the top of their game have given Ian real insight into human movement – not just on the biomechanical level, though he shines there, but on a psychosocial level as well. I have watched in awe a number of times as Ian worked with groups, where he is nothing short of miraculous in his ability to get all manner of people working together, no matter their skill or ability level. With individuals, his ‘no-nonsense empathy’ is motivational in its best sense.”

Thomas Myers

“Very few fitness professionals have the expertise in functional anatomy, the understanding of integrated flexibility and mobilisation, and the implementation of a multitude of techniques in the trenches than Ian O’Dwyer. OD brings an eclectic approach to unravelling the complexities of the limitations and compensations of human movement to produce a solution-oriented program that specifically addresses the problems of the client.”

Chuck Wolf

Human Motion Associates

“I’ve been around the fitness industry for a very long time.. and Ian is one of the best educators, practical teachers, leaders, thinkers and innovators, in the fitness industry, in the world. He is an amazing teacher.”

Craig Harper

Fitness Guru and Motivational Speaker

“When Rodney and Ian created Feel SOMA, they essentially continued with what they started with at PTA Global but evolved it massively. They have taken engagement, play and application coupled with fascial, myofascial and osteofascial techniques to a level that I have never seen anyone in the industry even come close to. In fact, some of the techniques aren’t anywhere else in the industry. It is 100% unique.”

Dan Duran

PTA Global

“Ian O’Dwyer is one of the most forward-thinking and utterly brilliant minds that has rolled out of the fitness industry. OD’s concepts, ideas and practices around human movement and the relationship between motion and emotion are what can only be considered as being light years ahead of what we are taught by the majority in this industry today.”

Tiffany Cook

Roll with the Punches