Functional Everyday Strength

Functional Everyday Strength; 12 weeks to a better you. That’s all it takes. Our Goal-Based Programs have been methodically designed to enhance human health and performance levels in wellness, strength, vitality, and sports specificity in 12 weeks. The movement patterns and resistance challenges that are incorporated in our programs often mimic everyday life tasks and patterns we perform regularly. These fundamental movements enhance your body and mind connection on every level, not just when you are undertaking physical exercise.

Program Options

This program can be performed 2-3 times a week, focus on working within your your exercise and movement threshold. Progress through the program when you are comfortable with the execution of the exercises in each week.

Optimal Health & Performance

These exercises are designed to condition the tissues in an integrated fashion (toes to nose). The rhythm and timing of the movements will enhance the outcome of the program and optimise performance.

Life-long Movements

Having a quality of life is the goal for any Feel SOMA program, producing healthy tissues in an enjoyable and functional manner. The more adaptable we condition our tissues the higher ability to achieve that quality of life.

Feel WELL Program

Level 1


A 12-week program that takes you on a journey to experience increased wellness of the four bodies — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Healthy body tissues promote and facilitate the performance of the four bodies. This program integrates movements that feed the tissues positive stress which allows our systems to collaborate seamlessly and elevate our mental, emotional and spiritual state.

Other Programs Available