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Corporate Workshops, Function and Movement Workshops are a huge part of Feel SOMA. Investing in employee well-being is invaluable. Employees who are in good physical, mental and emotional health have increased work productivity, decision-making competency, deliver optimal performance, have a lower risk of disease and injury and on a personal level, a better quality of life. Our tailored corporate workshops are designed to improve your workplace’s well-being, culture and productivity.

The impact of long-term societal stresses such as poor habits, lack of movement, sitting repetition, mental health, occupational pressure, past trauma, dehydration, and poor nutrition can have many negative effects on the human mind and body.

Our workshops empower employees with solutions to enhance their mental vitality and reach optimal movement functionality through identifying the everyday issues that lead to poor health and unhappiness, exploring the concept of breath work, and performing movement applications and techniques that reconnect the mind and body.

These movements mimic everyday movement patterns and often spark nostalgic feelings, enabling us to help reconnect your employees’ movement patterns that have previously been broken down. Our corporate workshops are entirely designed and tailored to meet your requirements and goals as a team.

Corporate Workshops - Feel SOMA

Experience our tailored corporate workshops to unlock strategies that boost your business and support the health and wellbeing of your employees at both an organisational and individual level.

We explore biofeedback where you will learn how to measure your own body’s response in real-time and gain powerful solutions and tools to utilise going forward.

Stress is one of the leading global causes of disease, pain and unhappiness.

For over 60 collective years, Ian O’Dwyer and Rodney Corn have changed the lives of hundreds of people by utilising these solutions to decrease stress levels, assist in controlling your stress response, optimise your nervous system and increase your body’s ability to regulate itself.

Corporate Workshops - Feel SOMA

Corporate Wellbeing Workshops

Our Corporate Workshops are entirely designed and tailored to meet your requirements. Please contact us to discuss your needs and workshop packages.

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Workshops can be as minimal as 1 hour or graduate to 2, 4 or 8 hours depending upon the goals for your team.

What we cover in our Corporate Workshops

Health in the workplace is more important than you think

Optimal Performance

Enhance the quality of health, mindset, awareness and team performance

Your Biofeedback System

Identify how the biofeedback systems continually updates how we feel, how to reconnect to them and how to manipulate them to a more positive state.

Revolutionary Applications

Reconnect the biofeedback systems with simple but effective applications and techniques.


Implement strategies to improve tissue health and mindset, improving sustainability and longevity for all aspects of team members.

Debunking Common Thoughts

Identify and simplify complex and confusing beliefs of how to self care, tissue manage ourselves to move, feel and live better.

Quality of Life

Like all great systems, commitment is the key. Consistent application will enhance you and your teams ability to positively deal with stress.

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