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Golf Program Package Overview

Golf Program Package has been meticulously crafted by Feel SOMA, and is designed to offer golfers both simple and powerful performance solutions. There are four programs in this package, each designed specifically for your location or venue. These solutions enhance not only the swing but also the specific areas of the game and overall golf movement; contributing to greater enjoyment and longevity in the game. Whether you’re focusing on the long or short game, each program within the package enables you to hone and improve your skill. The flexibility of the package allows you to apply movement at the venue you are playing at or engage in a robust re-conditioning program in the comfort of your home. By incorporating Feel SOMA’s innovative techniques and applications, this comprehensive approach is tailored to meet your specific golfing needs, ensuring a more connected, effective and satisfying play on the course.

What's Programs are Included?

Golf Exercises at Home (35 mins)

Feel SOMA’s home-based golf exercises are designed to optimise golf performance and maintain tissue health using a variety of tools and movements in the comfort of your own home.

By employing specific roller techniques and targeted movement applications, the program enhances neural response, resets golf-specific movement patterns and facilitates optimal tissue function.

The calm environment at home allows for effective tissue resetting and mindful breathing, contributing to a continuous cycle of improvement and well-being.

Golf Exercises at Clubhouse (10 mins)

This pre-game program focuses on preparing body tissues with golf-specific movements for the 3-dimensional movement and force of golf.

It includes innovative exercises like Self Fascial Mobilisers to optimise neural reaction, reset movement patterns and bolster fluid response. Overall allowing better flow in your game.

The program enhances stamina, precision and control during the game and aids in recovery afterwards.

Golf Exercises at Driving Range (10 mins)

The driving range program emphasises injury prevention, performance improvement, mental preparation and body connection.

A 10-minute routine helps activate required tissues, making them more stable and mobile.

Efficiency in movement and rhythm is prioritised, connecting the toes to the nose for optimal performance.

Golf Exercises at Pitch and Putt (10 mins)

The Pitch and Putt program focuses on seamless communication from toes to nose, enhancing performance and flow in the short game.

Tailored movement patterns, mental, physical and emotional preparation, and functional movement are coordinated to amplify performance and foster overall well-being.

Techniques Used in the Programs

Self Osteofascial Engagement: Applying the roller to boney sections for 20-30 seconds, this technique improves tissue motion, communication and fluid flow. Key points include constant pressure, maintaining a tall spine and optimal roll/shift speed.

Self Myofascial Engagement: Targeting muscular regions with a roller for 60-90 seconds, this technique enhances tissue motion and communication. Constant pressure, relaxed breathing and optimal roll/shift speed are essential.

Self Fascial Mobiliser: A slow, low-force movement targeting fascia and boney regions, stimulating stability and mobility around the joints. Key points include maintaining a tall spine, even weight distribution, slow rhythmical movement and allowing hip movement.

Feel SOMA's Golf Program Package offers a comprehensive approach to golf preparation, performance and recovery.

Through specific exercises and innovative techniques, golfers can achieve optimal tissue health, neural communication and fluid response.

The programs are adaptable to various settings, from home to the clubhouse, driving range and pitch and putt courses.

The holistic approach aligns with Feel SOMA’s philosophy of enhancing performance while fostering overall well-being and body awareness.

It’s a complete solution for golfers seeking to elevate their game through mindful and scientifically-backed practices.

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