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Interviews with the Feel Soma Team
Joint Dynamics

This interview with Ian O’Dwyer on Feel SOMA is an opportunity to gain a deeper appreciation of tissues muscles, connective tissue, bones, joints, combining a scientific rationale with a systemised approach to affect the neural, mechanical and fluid systems of the body.

Ian, somewhat of a fitness industry maverick, shares his wisdom and understanding of the body, coaching, and enhancing the way the body moves. In a chat that is as informative as it is entertaining.

All this and more in what is a fascinating discussion with the highly experienced, motivating, visionary and one of the best blokes in the fitness industry that is Ian O’Dwyer.

Corrective Culture

OD catches up with Jake and Callan from Corrective Culture and it made for one powerful conversation on self-care, movement and listening to the tissues.

Available to watch on Corrective Culture’s YouTube and also available to listen to on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Enjoy!

Life Time Talks - Training

In this first episode of the LifeTime Talks – Training podcast join host Jason Stella and PTAG and Feel SOMA co-founder Ian O’Dwyer discuss…

What he learned about motion from working with horses. The four self-applied applications to help improve performance. How and why using “Play” with your clients to improve their health and well-being. How he has used in session observation to adjust programming.

How he found working with bony sections led to easier tissues changes. Explanation of what needs to be included when discussing “Tissues”. Explains how to do 3 mobilizations that are “must do’s” to help people move and feel better. How to connect better with your clients!

The You Project - Craig Harper

If a Movement Guru, Philosopher, Healer, International Presenter, Wizard and Teller of Shit Jokes all lived in one body, that body would belong to Ian O’Dwyer.

As always, this was an insightful and fascinating conversation with one of my great Mates and as always, there was a fair degree of silly-ness and laughter.

When it comes to treating, healing, training and optimising the human body, OD is possibly the most intuitively gifted person I know. And I know many. Enjoy.

Australian Fitness Podcast

Ian O’Dwyer is one of those unique individuals that doesn’t fit into any particular box or have any specific title or approach to his work.

OD watches, observes and then combines his unique ability to analyse movement with an outstanding knowledge of anatomy and human movement to produce outstanding outcomes.

The Fitness Industry Podcast

The Fitness Industry Podcast’s Bel Fong, discusses with Ian O’Dwyer of Feel SOMA, Self-Osteo Myofascial Applications, giving clients what they need physically, mentally and emotionally, and the importance of self-care for trainers.

DTS Fitness Education Podcast

Ian O’Dwyer guides clients to optimal performance, identifying positive mindset and movement patterns. He coaches the human being, not the human body. His ability to facilitate cutting edge science and research on many topics into practical solutions has empowered wellness professionals to lead their clients to more efficient and effective results.

Roll With The Punches

Motion and emotion are so tightly intertwined that you simply can not change one without changing the other? My guest is OD (Ian O’Dwyer), one of the most forward-thinking and utterly brilliant minds that has rolled out of the fitness industry and we are extremely fortunate to house him right here, by our sides, in Australia.

The You Project - Craig Harper

OD (Ian O’Dwyer) explores the mental, emotional and physical health benefits of fun, laughter and play, we discuss the way emotion ‘lives’ in our body and talk about slumpy posture (kyphosis), biofeedback, having hard (but necessary) conversations, life in lockdown, self-experimentation, finding our optimal operating system and self-awareness.

PTA Global Fitness Leaders Podcast

Privilege of hosting a live webinar featuring the “Godfather of PLAY and Recovery,” Ian O’ Dwyer. For those of you unfamiliar with the name, Ian O’ Dwyer is one of the Co-founders of PTA Global, so it’s safe to say that he is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to success in the fitness industry.

The You Project - Craig Harper

Ian O’Dwyer is a body-whisperer. Well, that’s what I call him. More typically, he might be called a functional movement specialist but I’ve known him for decades and consistently, I have seen him do incredible ‘hands-on’ things with (seemingly) broken bodies (including mine) and sometimes, it’s in as little as two or three minutes.

Will To Liv Podcast

Self-Care is a Life Choice Great discussion with one of the fitness industry godfathers, friend and mentor Ian O’Dwyer. Ian is co-founder of Feel SOMA and owner of OD on Movement Performance Centre. We chat about his philosophies on self-care and the great work Feel SOMA are doing to leave behind a lasting legacy.

Thrive TV Show

Discover how to move, feel and live better. Learn how stress shows up in your body, the signs to listen and look to identify the stress and what to do to manage it. If we listen to our tissues, they give us essential feedback!!

89.9 The Light

Craig Harper and OD speak about defining function and where it fits into the world of conditioning the world of everyday challenges. Can people move safely and effectively and optimise their quality of life? If not? Why not??