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Welcome to our Movement Library

A new dimension of human movement resources for you to immerse yourself in. It is well recognised now that the body doesn’t recognised muscles but rather movements. We have created an online library of everyday movement patterns incorporating various types of resistance tools (dumbbells, bands and body weight), that you can choose from to either add to an existing program of yours or to create a entirely new program.

Our Movement Library currently comprises of 183 videos and offers guidance on how to perform our innovative movements as you embark on your journey to achieving optimal performance for yourself and/or your client. 

The movements are designed to create fundamental patterns and challenges that feed intelligent motion into the tissues. They can be performed in any location and with a range of basic equipment for ease of replication  we provide alternative solutions throughout the video content where necessary. All movements within the library can be completed from those who are often sedentary to the elite. Remember, if you cannot move, you cannot load (add force to your tissues) without potential issues or injuries.  

The Movement Library gives you hours’ worth of quality movements and offers you two modalities of interaction, in-depth coaching or fast-track, which you can switch between at any time:- 

  • In-depth coaching: OD coaches you on how to prepare and perform the movements safely and effectively whilst providing you with pointed to look for whilst doing the exercise. 
  • Fast-track: A short video of the movement only for those who just need a reminder of what it looks like 

Immerse yourself in the new dimension of human movement resources and enrol today! 

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