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Feel SOMA Movement Library

From: $14.99 / month

The Movement Library is an abundance of intelligent movements using the tools that many people have existing in their environments (bands, dumbbells, bodyweight). The Movement Library creates simplicity of exercise choice;

  • Choose a movement pattern
  • Implement familiar resistance tools
  • Interact with clear, concise video selection
  • Enjoy an effective program experience.

Gaining access to the Feel SOMA™ Movement Library is seamless; there are three (3) options to simplify confusion on what best suits your needs. Take your time, read the options thoroughly, and don’t hesitate to contact us if there are any questions.

OPTION 1. For those just wanting to have access to a resource of 183 videos, incorporating intelligent movements and easy to use tools. With a 12 monthly subscription of $14.99/month, you will receive access to;

  • Movement Library (183 videos)

OPTION 2. For people looking for movement resources and solutions for niggling issues in specific parts of the body. This is a once-yearly full payment of $159 and receive access to the following;

  • Movement Library (183 videos)
  • Movement Programs (143 videos)

OPTION 3. This is for people wanting to invest in their future by accessing the entire Feel SOMA™ Programming; movement resources, body location solutions and 12-week structured Goal-Based programs. This is a biannual (2 year) full payment of $299 and receive access to the following;

  • Movement Library – an abundance of resources using known resistance tools (183 videos)
  • Program Package – body location solutions (143 videos)
  • Goal-Based Programs – 12-week programs (400+ videos)

Click on the drop-down menu below to make your selection and enrol.


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