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The Neck Tension movement program is for those people who have limited tools or choices at their disposal OR just need some simple movements, to enhance the tissues in the Shoulder Ring.

Neck Tension is a widespread issue in our society caused by many environmental drivers — stress, anxiety, overuse and injury. Neck tension appears as a feeling of restriction, stiffness, soreness, aching, discomfort, brain fog or indecisiveness.

Our Neck Tension movement program will help you relieve neck tension, enhance your movement, improve how you feel and increase your quality of life. It focuses on down-regulating the sympathetic nervous system (fight, flight or freeze response), enhancing the mechanical response (creating better movement) and enhancing fluid flow (lymphatics, blood, fascial hydration and lubrication) in the tissues.

The program is simple to follow and effective to apply — engaging the tissues using the Feel SOMA philosophy. It can be use as an individual program or incorporated into existing programs.

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