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Program Overview..

Pelvic Floor is a critical component of everyday living. It’s a major player in breathing, movement and function in both male and female humans. The pelvic Floor can be compromised by various factors such as birth, physical, mental and emotional trauma, occupational hazards, repetitive movements and dehydration. Traditional Pelvic Rehabilitation often attempts to remedy this through isolation exercise strengthening, but this approach has often proven unsuccessful.

At Feel SOMA, we take a more comprehensive “reconditioning” approach, focusing on all the tissues involved (including nerve, muscle, bone, skin, fascia, blood, and lymph) rather than isolating one as the culprit for pain, discomfort or dysfunction. This multi-dimensional approach recognises the interconnectedness of these tissues and the importance of neural communication, movement patterns, and fluid flow.

Our method employs various techniques and applications, such as rollers and balls, and emphasises movements rather than mere stretches. We also incorporate multi-directional strength challenges and drills to reset the tissues, allowing them to function optimally.

This holistic approach acknowledges the complexity of the human body and aims to address the root causes of pelvic issues, rather than merely treating the symptoms. It’s a sensible and inclusive strategy that aligns with Feel SOMA’s philosophy of enhancing overall well-being and body awareness.

This program is designed to reset pelvic floor tension (tissues in particular regions that disrupt function), these tissues may store tension/stress for various reasons; trauma, protection, dehydration, repetitive movement, or emotion.

The Program is broken into these sections:

  1. Metric: Performed to check how you feel and move before the session
  2. Self Myofascial Engagement (SME): Choose either standing (wall) or laying (floor). This technique will engage specific muscular and fascial regions to encourage fluid (hydration and lubrication) to return to the tissues and enhance neural communication.
    *Watch and listen to the video before performing.
  3. Self-Fascial Mobilisers (SFM): Low speed, low force movements, targeting the boney regions and fascial tissues. They enhance movement through mobility and stability.
    *Watch and listen to the video before performing.
  4. Drills: Introduce increased load into the tissues, preparing the tissues for everyday movements.
  5. Re-metric: A chance to measure the tissue difference after the session.

Program Suggestion:

Day 1: Perform the metric movement, followed by either one SME or SFM application.
Day 2: Perform the metric movement, then complete the other application.

This will enable you to feel if one application gives you a more significant change in the tissues.


  • Breathe before performing any of the movements. Breathing is critical, 4 sec breath in through the nose, and 4 sec out through the nose, this will help the nervous system to relax.
  • Choose your application.
  • Breathe, relax, and follow the video.
    • Roller: 60 – 90 seconds per region x 1 set,
    • Fascial Mobiliser: 30 – 45 seconds per move x 1 or 2 sets
  • Keep water intake up whilst doing the program
  • Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast. Listening to how your tissues feel, is the key here, less is more!


Progress Meter – upon completion of viewing a video, wait a few seconds for the next video to automatically appear. This will then update your progress meter after each viewing. Manually clicking on the next video will disrupt the progress meter.

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