Immersion Level 2

Cheltenham, VIC




Sat - Sun, 10 - 11 Feb, 2024


8:30am - 4:30pm


Rellas Hub
Factory 8/91-95 Tulip Street, Cheltenham VIC, Australia

The second level of our Immersion course builds upon the fundamentals learnt in our Level 1 Immersion. You will add another revolutionary application to your professional toolbox, Self Fascial Mobilisers where we introduce our integrated three-dimensional fascial movements that you will utilise for the rest of your life. You are given multiple tools, such as comprehensive questionnaires and innovative appraisal systems that identify client behaviour, human movement, body language and tissue stresses, as well as a program design guide so you can implement a successful programming system with your clients. Level 2 of this course is transformational, and you will receive intimate guidance on implementing all of these modalities into your personal and professional life to create instant change in the body, level up your business and attract new clients.

Eplore Objectives

Osteo-Myofascial Rings

Add another revolutionary application Self Fascial Mobilisers (SFM) to your toolbox.

Revolutionary Applications

Learn and apply Self Fascial Mobilisers (SFM) on each Osteo-Myofascial Ring.

Observation & Programming

Expand your current observation and programming skills through learning our signature programming design system.

Appraisal Systems

Learn our multiple appraisal systems and discover how they determine the best strategy to implement every time.

Programming our Applications

Learn to incorporate the SOE, SME, SFM and our appraisal system in to a program to create more effective solutions for you and/or your clients tissues.

Professional Development

If you are a Fitness Professional, Allied-Health Professional, Alternative Therapist or Mindfulness Coach, this will add to your practice-based approach and enhance your skill set for ultimate results

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Rellas Hub
Factory 8/91-95 Tulip Street, Cheltenham VIC, Australia


Ian O'Dwyer
Ian O'Dwyer
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Ian is a husband, father, brother and uncle; family and friends are precious to him. He has over 30 years in the Health and Fitness Industry as a Sports Conditioner and Coach, Personal Trainer, Body Worker, International educator, Presenter and Mentor.