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This program contains the roller techniques I would like you to follow. Remember to breathe and relax when doing these applications. Breathing will enable the tissues to expel the tension, although you are feeling the lower back, it’s the symptom, not the problem.
There are two different techniques in this program using the roller, just follow my instruction and you will feel the regions that are sensitive.
1. Self-Osteofascial Engagement (boney regions) 
2. Self Myofascial Engagement (muscular regions)  
3. Drill just to help create better activation through the pelvis to eliminate lower back sensitivity.
At the completion of the roller work on the floor, I would follow up with your Fascial Mobilisers from your existing program in this sequence…
Kneeling hip Mob – Left Knee down, Right Knee down, Left Knee down (3 sets)

Lateral Hip Mob – Left foot over Right, Right foot over Left, Left foot over Right.(3 sets)

Sit and Hang, Wide Stance – (3 sets x 45 secs)

Finally, flush your lower back on the WBV (Plate) 2 mins on normal settings.

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