Shoulder Reset – Stability, Mobility and Strength

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Shoulder Reset – Stability, Mobility and Strength, is a program offered by Feel SOMA.This is an innovative, specialised programme focusing on the intricate mechanics of the shoulder. Using principles of Self Osteo Myofascial Applications, it aims to enhance mobility, strength, and stability, catering to all those seeking improved daily functionality.

Through tailored exercises, mobilisers, and alignment techniques, tension is balanced, enabling more efficient movement. An initial appraisal identifies unique needs, ensuring that the programme is customised to each individualu goals and physiology.

The philosophy of Feel SOMA shines through this approach, offering a practical, inclusive method that combines sports conditioning, self-care, and education. Regular monitoring and a fun, engaging connection with participants ensure the Shoulder Movement Posterior Program offers a pathway to improved physical health and performance.

Program Directions

Program Duration – 30-35 mins

Program Flow – follow the Roller Work section, do both sides of the body, then repeat on the side that feels more restricted.

Terminology – We use innovative techniques that may differ in name and locations. Follow the videos and coaching tips for success.

SOE – Roller technique targeting the boney sections. 30 secs max in this region

SME – Roller technique targeting the muscular sections. 60-90 secs in this region

SFM – Fascial Mobilisers are our way of moving the tissues, we don’t stretch.
Begin with 15 secs each, once the shoulder feels more comfortable increase you time range.

  • Remember to breathe when performing the program, this will ensure tissue adaptation.
  • Keep the movements at low speed and low force, nothing should be forced.
  • Listen to and follow the videos, until you feel confident to perform by yourself.

Progress Meter – upon completion of viewing a video, wait a few seconds for the next video to automatically appear. This will then update your progress meter after each viewing. Manually clicking on the next video will disrupt the progress meter.

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