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The Posterior Pelvic Ring is often compromised in everyday life through occupational hazards, repetitive movement, dehydration, trauma, or emotional stress. The Posterior Pelvic Ring, regarded as the rear of the pelvis, is traditionally focused with a glute perspective, however, many more tissues affect this region.

At Feel SOMA, we refer to all of the tissues in the pelvis.  Our Posterior Pelvic move program consists of a series of movements that will assist you in re-conditioning your Posterior Pelvic Ring.

The Pelvic Ring has many roles to play in life:-

  • Emotional playground
  • Reproductive region
  • Waste disposal system
  • Movement

Many people will present with discomfort or restriction in the back of the Pelvis, but upon appraisal, the issues may be from other body locations therefore this program can be used in conjunction with individual programs OR as a stand-alone program.

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