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This program is designed to enhance everyday movement patterns and challenges and improve the body’s fluid flow and tissue health. It focusses on reconnecting the ankle, knee, pelvic and shoulder rings.

The movements mimic necessary patterns that we require to remain mobile, stable and strong in life.

The program is broken into Metric (how do you feel you move prior to the session), Movement Preparation (engaging the tissues prior to loading them with force), Strength (Challenges that build resilience in all of the tissues 3 dimensionally), Movement Recovery (Fascial Mobilisers that reset the tissues, providing stability and mobility for the necessary complexes), Re-Metric (measurement of the outcomes of the session).

Perform each of the movements for 45-60 seconds; focus of rhythm and timing of the movements listening to how your tissues feel. You can do two sets of each or more depending upon how you feel on the day. The resistance or weight will depend on what you have in your environment, always start lighter than you feel and progress when you feel you are ready.

REMEMBER there are two videos for each section for Movement Prep and Strength. The first has just the title and is INSTRUCTIONAL, the second has the word EXERCISE at the end of the title and is non-instructional.

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