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Program Overview

Knee/Pelvic maintenance is central to human locomotion and overall well-being. It’s a complex interplay that involves not only the knee joint itself but also closely interacts with the ankle, pelvis and shoulder.

At Feel SOMA, we take a more comprehensive “reconditioning” approach, focusing on all the tissues involved (including nerve, muscle, bone, skin, fascia, blood, and lymph) rather than isolating one as the culprit for pain or discomfort. This multi-dimensional approach recognises the interconnectedness of these tissues and the importance of neural communication, movement patterns, and fluid flow.

Our method employs various techniques and applications, such as rollers and balls, and emphasises movements rather than mere stretches. We also incorporate multi-directional strength challenges and drills to reset the tissues, allowing them to function optimally.

The knee’s movement is a complex and multifaceted aspect of human motion, intricately connected to both the ankle and pelvis. Its role extends beyond mere mechanical function, influencing overall health, athletic performance, emotional well-being, and more. Understanding this complex relationship and the knee’s vital role in human movement is essential for anyone looking to enhance their movement quality and overall quality of life.

It aligns perfectly with Feel SOMA’s philosophy of a comprehensive and interconnected approach to human movement, self-care, and well-being. By recognising the knee’s importance and its connection to the ankle, pelvis and shoulder, we can develop more effective strategies for movement, rehabilitation, and overall health.

Program Duration – 30-35 mins

When – Easy and effective way to prepare tissues in any environment; before, during or after sessions.

Program Flow – follow the program, do both sides of the body, then repeat on the side that feels more restricted.

Terminology – We use innovative techniques that may differ in name and locations. Follow the videos and coaching tips for success.

SOE – Roller technique targeting the boney sections. 30 secs max in this region

SME – Roller technique targeting the muscular sections. 60-90 secs in this region

Wall vs Floor – You have two choices using the rollers, prefer to stand use the WALL. Comfortable laying use the FLOOR.

SFM – Fascial Mobilisers are our way of moving the tissues, we don’t stretch. 45-60 secs each

  • Remember to breathe when performing the program, this will ensure tissue adaptation.
  • Keep the movements at low speed and low force, nothing should be forced.
  • Listen to and follow the videos, until you feel confident to perform by yourself.

Suggestion – Complete the entire program 4 – 5 times THEN you may choose to use your favourite components of the program.

Progress Meter – upon completion of viewing a video, wait a few seconds for the next video to automatically appear. This will then update your progress meter after each viewing. Manually clicking on the next video will disrupt the progress meter.

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