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Indigo Example of Feel SOMA gives you a better understanding of the applications and techniques that Feel SOMA uses. Understanding that the Feel SOMA philosophy is about fluid flow, mechanical patterns and neural activity. 

Each of the modalities create solutions using a different lens.
     * Fascial Mobilisers arent stretches but a way of affecting the bony structures and fascia in the body. They can be performed with the aid of sticks or walls to aid in biofeedback or support whilst performing the motion. These are low speed, low force motions restoring efficient movement patterns to allow tissues to perform in a safe and effective manner.
     * Osteofascial Engagement implementing Hands On, Foam Roller, Ball, or Grid StK to engage the bones will stimulate particular mechanoreceptors that enhance blood flow, increase oxygen flow, reset the ANS and create structural change and movement.
A small percussion gun is also a toll that will give a positive response to the bony section, We can remodel and restore the tissues by understanding what bone and fascia require to perform effectively. Can be performed standing or laying on the tool.
      * Myofascial Engagement is a new take on Self Myofascial Release. Comprising rolling, compression and shifting this technique is a refreshing approach allowing observation of muscular and fascial response. Can be performed standing or laying on the roller or ball.
    * Creating an integrated connection of the tissues by adding an external ( a tool) or internal (bodyweight) load and speed to a movement pattern . A necessity for conditioning anyone wanting to function optimally in life.

Duration – 10 – 15 mins 

When – Effective for priming (preparing) and restorative (healing) the tissues after exercise.

Flow – Perform a metric, apply a technique to one side only of the body, then re-metric to see if there has been change. By applying one side only, it is easier to listen to the biofeedback system.

Terminology – We use innovative techniques that may differ in name and locations. Follow the videos and coaching tips for success.

SOE – Roller, Ball or Grid STK technique targeting the bony sections. 30 secs max in this region

SME – Roller technique targeting the muscular sections. 60-90 secs in this region

SFM – Fascial Mobilisers are our way of moving the tissues, we don’t stretch. 45-60 secs each

  • Remember to breathe when performing the program, this will ensure tissue adaptation.
  • Keep the movements at low speed and low force, nothing should be forced.
  • Listen to and follow the videos, until you feel confident to perform by yourself.

Progress Meter – upon completion of viewing a video, wait a few seconds for the next video to automatically appear. This will then update your progress meter after each viewing. Manually clicking on the next video will disrupt the progress meter.

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