Golf Exercises at the Driving Range

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Program Overview

Golf Exercises at the driving range before jumping into a challenging level of accuracy or power, are incredibly important to enhance golf performance. You will want to prepare your tissues for specific swing patterns and forces before you start. The driving range allows you to enhance your swing flow and rhythm, through varying distance tasks to mimic the game.

  1. Preventing Injuries: Think of your body like loads of rubber bands. If the bands haven’t been primed to mimic the movement prior, they could break under load. This 10-minute program helps to gently move and activate the required tissues, making them more stable and mobile and less prone to injury.

  2. Improving Performance: this is really all about efficiency. The more we condition the body to move with rhythm and timing the less fuel we use, and the less energy we waste.  Efficiency helps you swing the club more smoothly and hit the ball more accurately.

  3. Mental Preparation: Warming up isn’t just about the body; it’s also about getting the mind ready. It helps golfers focus and get into the ‘zone’, just like listening to your favourite song before a big game.

  4. Connecting with the Body: As a movement coach, Feel SOMA, you know that understanding how the body feels is crucial. Warming up helps golfers connect with their body and understand how it’s moving on that particular day.

So, warming up helps you prepare your tissues for movements that mimic the game. It ensures that you are adaptable and ready for various positions and challenges. It connects the toes to the nose, which is incredibly important for performance.

Duration: 10 mins

When: Before, during and after playing.

Program Flow – follow the Preparation section, do both sides of the body, if required, repeat on the side that feels more restricted.

SFM – Fascial Mobilisers are our way of moving the tissues in readiness for the direction and forces of the game, they are not stretches (no holds). 45-60 secs each

  • Remember to breathe when performing the movements, this will ensure tissue adaptation.
  • Keep the movements at low speed and low force, nothing should be forced.
  • Listen to and follow the videos, until you feel confident to perform by yourself.

Progress Meter – upon completion of viewing a video, wait a few seconds for the next video to automatically appear. This will then update your progress meter after each viewing. Manually clicking on the next video will disrupt the progress meter.

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