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Program Overview

Golf Exercises are critical pre-game, to prepare the body tissues for the 3-dimensional movement and force of the game. This programme provides an ideal approach to bolster game flow, tissue strength and adaptability; enhancing your golf performance at any location.

Before the game, our Programme helps golf preparation of your body, ensuring that your tissues are primed for the upcoming physical activity. This is crucial for reducing the risk of injury and ensuring you can play at your best right from the start.

During the game, the benefits of the Programme come into play in real-time, enhancing your performance through improved stamina, precision, and control. And after the game, the Programme aids in recovery, minimising post-game fatigue and setting you up for the next round.

The program implements innovative exercises that mimic golf (Self Fascial Mobilisers), these are implemented to improve your golf performance, increase your enjoyment and minimise injury opportunities. Performing these Fascial Mobilisers will –

  • optimise neural reaction (better flow or connection)
  • reset movement patterns (golf specific)
  • bolster fluid response (slide and glide) necessary for the tissues to perform at their best in the game. 

Duration: 10 minutes

Program Flow – follow the Preparation section, do both sides of the body, if required, repeat on the side that feels more restricted.

SFM – Fascial Mobilisers are our way of moving the tissues in readiness for the direction and forces of the game, they are not stretches (no holds). 45-60 secs each

  • Remember to breathe when performing the movements, this will ensure movement flow and adaptation.
  • Keep the movements low speed and low force, nothing should be forced.
  • Listen to and follow the videos, until you feel confident to perform by yourself.

Progress Meter – upon completion of viewing a video, wait a few seconds for the next video to automatically appear. This will then update your progress meter after each viewing. Manually clicking on the next video will disrupt the progress meter.

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