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Our Ankle Ring program consists of a series of exercises that will assist you in strengthening, conditioning and re-conditioning all of the tissues in ankle. At Feel SOMA, the Ankle Ring as an inclusive term where we refer to all of the tissues in the ankle and not just the traditional perspective of nerve, muscle, ligaments, tendons and bone. This complex region of the body is the home of many tissues that play critical roles in neural, mechanical and fluid response.

The Ankle Ring has many important roles:-

  • Movement
  • Biofeedback system
  • Circulation and lymphatic pumping  

It has an integrated relationship with the Knee, Pelvic and Shoulder Rings, and if compromised, has the potential to affect them all. It is critical that we keep all of the tissues of the Ankle Ring healthy and strong to create the optimal everyday performance required.

This roller and movement program can be used individually or incorporated into existing programs.

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