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Golf Preparation Program Overhead Lateral hip drive

Golf Program Package Overview Golf Program Package has been meticulously crafted by Feel SOMA, and is designed to offer golfers both simple and powerful performance solutions. There are four programs in this package, each designed specifically for your location or venue. These solutions enhance not only the swing but also the specific areas of the […]

Programs Package

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Why buy 1 when you can have them all! If you are looking for effective solutions to niggling and annoying issues that you or your clients have, this Reconditioning Program Package is perfect. Having access to all of the Reconditioning Programs empowers you to address multiple issues that appear in various locations caused by life’s […]

Feel WELL Program – Level 1

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These programs have been tried and tested successfully, but the Program is designed as a guide. If you would like to adapt or change the format of the session, feel free. Each Program has 3 categories Preparation, Strength and Recovery, each of these have techniques and applications that make up the system. Preparation is preparing the […]