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Corporate Workshops

Enrich your workplace culture

Healthy employees create high-performing workplaces. We design our tailored corporate workshops to improve your workplace wellbeing, culture and productivity.

By identifying everyday issues that lead to poor health and unhappiness, we empower employees with ways to enhance mental vitality and optimal tissue functionality so that they can increase positive employee decision-making and create an unstoppable workplace.

  • Enhance the quality of health, mindset, awareness and team performance 
  • Identify how the biofeedback systems continually updates how we feel, how to reconnect to them and how to manipulate them to a more positive state
  • Reconnect the biofeedback systems with simple but effective techniques
  • Implement strategies to improve tissue health and mindset, improving sustainability and longevity for all aspects of team members
  • Identify and simplify complex and confusing beliefs of how to self care, tissue manage ourselves to move, feel and live better.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and workshop packages.

Corporate workshops can be entirely designed to meet your requirements. Workshops can be as minimal as 1 hour or graduate to 2, 4 or 8 hours depending upon the goals for your team. 

All workshops will have a form of movement component involved that will enhance the mental, emotional and physical attributes of each person.

Feel SOMA can also provide an array of on-going packages:-

  • Individualised movement and wellbeing appraisals for each team member.
  • Personalised regenerative programs for each team member 
  • Online or face-to-face coaching for team members or groups.
Corporate Workshops - Feel SOMA
Corporate Workshops - Feel SOMA
Corporate Workshops - Feel SOMA

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