Education and Programs

Tailored solutions for tension, discomfort and poor movement

Education - Feel SOMA

Corporate Workshops

Elevate workplace well-being with our Corporate Workshops. Unlock productivity and health using tailored mind-body strategies to enhance your team’s performance
MB5 Ball using Self Osteofascial Technique at a Live Immersion


On-Line Immersions expose new perspectives in positive solutions for improved movement, enhanced movement techniques and applications using holistic health.
Education - Feel SOMA

Movement Library

Unlock your movement potential with Feel SOMA’s Movement Library, featuring over 280 videos for optimal performance and injury prevention
Education - Feel SOMA

Online Programs

Our Rehabilitation & Movement Programs, have been designed to improve poor movement patterns and movement strength and enhance performance.
Education - Feel SOMA

Private Coaching

Elevate performance and recovery with Ian O’Dwyer’s Private Coaching. Tailored strategies for individuals and teams to reach peak potential and body wellness.
Feel SOMA - Reconditioning Programs

Reconditioning Programs

Feel SOMA’s Reconditioning Programs are tailored solutions for tension, discomfort, and poor movement, offering a new approach to rehabilitation and recovery.