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SOMA Immersions

SOMA is about engaging the whole person – body and soul – to re-establish an internal state of balance that allows the body and brains to communicate more effectively and efficiently.

SOMA education follows this philosophy by engaging you with a blended learning experience built on the foundation of live interaction. There are three (3) primary live experiences in the SOMA educational suite: Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 (coming soon).


Go beyond traditional education and experience a SOMA Immersion that will refresh you as a professional and your business.

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SOMA Immersion 1

Awareness & Technique​​​

​Learn how to apply precise SOMA techniques to create instant change.​ Become aware of you​ and how you feel during movement.

SOMA Immersion 2

Observation & Programming

View stress, behaviour and motion through the SOMA perspective and increase your power to enhance them all.

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