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Move, Feel,
Live Better.

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What is SOMA

SOMA is a self-care tissue management system that enables people to move, feel and live better. Encouraging people to move with awareness, feel with confidence and live through empowerment of better information, optimal use of tools and type of application required. We all should start with ourselves.

Our Passion

SOMA desires to empower people globally to live the quality of life they choose. To give hope to those who have feel they have limited options. Reconnecting tissues of the human being to build health, motion and confidence improving decision making, movement challenges and happiness.

The Faces Behind SOMA

Rodney Corn and Ian O’Dwyer have been long-time friends and colleagues for over 20 years. Both have diverse and successful experience in practice, education, leadership and innovation. Positivity, humility and enjoyment have enabled them to create long term successful relationships.


Go beyond traditional education and experience a SOMA Immersion that will refresh you as a professional and your business.

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SOMA Immersion 1

Awareness & Technique​​​

​Learn how to apply precise SOMA techniques to create instant change.​ Become aware of you​ and how you feel during movement.

SOMA Immersion 2

Observation & Programming

View stress, behaviour and motion through the SOMA perspective and increase your power to enhance them all.

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