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A new era of human movement education for everyone

World-class education by two of the best educators and leaders in the industry.

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Enhance your knowledge.
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The Benefits

What the Industry is Saying About Us

Feel SOMA Home Page - Feel SOMA
“I have watched in awe a number of times as Ian worked with groups, where he is nothing short of miraculous in his ability to get all manner of people working together, no matter their skill or ability level.”

Tom Myers

Anatomy Trains
Feel SOMA Home Page - Feel SOMA
“I’ve been around the fitness industry for a very long time.. and Ian is one of the best educators, practical teachers, leaders, thinkers and innovators, in the fitness industry, in the world.”

Craig Harper

Fitness Guru, Motivational Speaker
Feel SOMA Home Page - Feel SOMA
“OD brings an eclectic approach to unravelling the complexities of the limitations and compensations of human movement to produce a solution-oriented program that specifically addresses the problems of the client.”

Chuck Wolf

Human Motions Associates

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