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SOMA Workshop & Presentation @ Osteopathy Conference – (Rotorua, New Zealand)

6th September, 2019 - 8th September, 2019

[vcex_heading text=”Workshop” style=”bottom-border-w-color” typo_notice=””]
[vcex_list_item icon=”fa fa-calendar” font_size=”18″]Friday 6 September 2019 @ 4:00pm – 6:00pm[/vcex_list_item][vcex_list_item icon=”fa fa-calendar” font_size=”18″]Saturday 7 September 2019 @ 11:00am – 1:00pm[/vcex_list_item]
[vcex_heading text=”If You Can’t Move Slow, You Can’t Move Fast!” style=”bottom-border-w-color” tag=”h2″ inner_bottom_border_color=”#ec8c1e” typo_notice=””]

In this society, there more people running than ever before, with a multitude of sports plus fun runs, cross country, CrossFitters and other various themed events.

My question is always – how effective and safe are they?

I see many people in my practice that are constantly breaking down and injuring themselves due to lack of effective motion. This session will look at what it takes to create effective motion to allow the person to perform safely, effectively and optimally.

Incredibly powerful strategies that can instantly create a more successful athlete no matter what the challenge. Wouldn’t you want some of that?

[vcex_heading text=”Learning Outcomes” style=”bottom-border-w-color” tag=”h2″ inner_bottom_border_color=”#ec8c1e”]
  • Observe and Identify the client running style;
  • Implement effective drills to enhance the top to toe connection;
  • Observe and discuss the outcomes of the strategies; and
  • Experience the change in the running gait, empower the attendee.
[vcex_heading text=”Keynote Presentation” style=”bottom-border-w-color” typo_notice=””]
[vcex_list_item icon=”fa fa-calendar” font_size=”18″]Saturday 7 September 2019[/vcex_list_item][vcex_list_item icon=”fa fa-clock-o” font_size=”18″]9:30am – 10:30am[/vcex_list_item]
[vcex_heading text=”Enhancing The Client Experience & Outcome” style=”bottom-border-w-color” tag=”h2″ inner_bottom_border_color=”#ec8c1e” typo_notice=””]

When a client enters your environment, how long have you got to connect with them? What will happen if you don’t?

Learn what neuroscience is saying about the client healing process and who is the most important person in your practice; it may not be the practitioner.

The art of empowering your client to de-stress and feel safe in your environment is often overlooked, your language, listening and connection are incredibly important. Come and experience from a SOMA philosophy some secrets in creating a great experience for your client that will give you the optimum outcomes.


6th September, 2019
8th September, 2019
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