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Goal-Based Programs

12-WEEK Programs

Feel SOMA Goal-based Programs are designed to help you reach your optimal performance level in a specific category. Our program categories are focused on the essential desires in life  wellness, strength, vitality, sports specificity  and have been methodically designed to enhance human health and performance.  

The movement patterns and resistance challenges that are incorporated in our programs often mimic everyday life tasks, patterns we perform regularly, which enhance your body and mind connection on every level, not just when you are undertaking physical exercise.  

We are now offering our first 12-week program in the field of wellness  Feel WELL Level 1. With additional goal-based programs launching soon, you will have the opportunity to achieve the other essential life desires you want to accomplish.  

Goal-Based Programs - Feel SOMA
Goal-Based Programs - Feel SOMA

Feel WELL Program (Level 1)


Our Feel WELL 12-week program focuses on taking you on a journey to experience better overall wellness of the four bodies – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Healthy body tissues promote and facilitate the performance of our four bodies. Over the course of 12 weeks, our Feel WELL program integrates movements that feed the tissues positive stress allowing the bodies systems to collaborate seamlessly thus elevate our mental, emotional and spiritual state. Our innovative movements have been created with enjoyment in mind to ensure a positive experience as you embark on your journey to achieving self-confidence and empowerment upon completion.

Experience our 12-week Feel WELL program if you want to enhance your movement performance whilst thriving, not just surviving, in all aspects of your life.  

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