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Live Masterclass

Become a master in your art

The Feel SOMA Masterclass is a unique 2 day, face-to-face experience, creating an environment of curiosity, questions and solutions. The Masterclass will permit you to apply and experience the power of the Feel SOMA techniques and applications, previously learnt at a live face-to-face Immersion or Digital Immersion.

In the Masterclass, you will witness and feel in real-time, the change in tissue response and how it affects the human being on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level. The Feel SOMA Masterclass brings a whole new perspective of self-care and tissue management by listening and engaging the tissues and then empowering attendees to appraise and design positive solutions.

Live Masterclass - Feel SOMA
Live Masterclass - Feel SOMA
Live Masterclass - Feel SOMA

Live Masterclass (Level 1)


The Feel SOMA™ Masterclass welcomes attendees to “ask the difficult or frustrating questions not readily accessible in literature; they require answers to” in a safe, non-judgemental and positive environment. 

This unique experience will challenge your existing mindset and change your perspective of motion, tissues and applications. You will experience and observe how tissues react when engaged through movement, tools, or techniques, empowering you to truly appreciate the brilliance of tissue adaptability. 

  • Learn and experience the LEAD methodology, a unique, efficient and powerful form of gathering information and creating positive outcomes.
  • Discover systems that are often overlooked in traditional philosophy and enhance them instantly.
  • Identify and challenge the status quo, traditional thought processes and applications.
  • Empower yourself, to confidently and successfully apply techniques to various tissues.
  • Explore the depths of human motion through simple challenges identifying compromised tissues.
  • Apply in real time, two (2) revolutionary applications that effectively engage the human being and produce instant change.
  • Practice and apply precise techniques for Self Osteofascial Engagement and Self Myofascial Engagement  whilst touching on Play and Self Fascial Mobilisers.

$2,100.00 (payment plans available)
Discounted packages available for Digital Immersions + Live Masterclass 

We facilitate a limited number of Masterclasses per year and limited seats per Masterclass are available. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Two (2) days of face-to-face education 
8.30am – 4.30pm daily (16 hours)

Due to current COVID restrictions, locations will be confirmed upon registration.

  • Two (2) days of Personalised Coaching to enhance knowledge, application and outcomes
  • Real time challenges and solutions to common and difficult problems
  • A TriggerPoint™ tool-kit
  • Feel SOMA™ shirt and bag
  • Feel SOMA™ PDF Digital Handout
  • 12-months access to the Movement Library (183 videos) and Movement Programs (143 videos)
  • Community of Feel SOMA™ Practitioners

Completion of Immersion Level 1 prior to attending the Masterclass is necessary. Upon completion of Immersion, you will receive a Certificate of Completion, enabling you to attend Live Masterclass Level 1.

Both our Live Immersion (previously available prior to the online platform) and Digital Immersion are considered as Immersion Level 1.

Live Masterclass - Feel SOMA

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