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SOMA is a unique blending of movement philosophies to engage a person in a manner that empowers them to move, feel and live better.

SOMA (Self Osteo Myofascial Applications) is a fresh approach to enhancing the quality and performance of nerve, muscle, bone, and fascia tissues through hydration, mobilisation, and activation techniques that allow for more effective communication between the body and brains (yes, we said brains)!

The SOMA perspective is an holistic client-centred methodology for promoting regenerative health through self-care. Regenerative Health is about re-establishing an internal state of balance. SOMA accomplishes this through the use of self-applied applications. ​​Each application is used to help regenerate tissue health. This provides better movement recovery to allow you to train smarter.

SOMA will empower you as a Sport, Fitness, and Health Professional with additional practical skill-sets to provide a refreshing and personalised enhancement to your business.


SOMA’s self-applied applications include:

  • Self Osteofascial Engagement™ (SOE)
  • Self Myofascial Engagement (SME)
  • Self Positional Activation™ (SPA)
  • Self Fascial Mobilisers™ (SFM)

Self Osteofascial Engagement™ (SOE)

An innovative and original tool-based application developed for engaging tissue around the more boney regions of the body.

Self Myofascial Engagement™ (SME)

The traditional tool-based application with a fresh approach for engaging the muscular regions of the body.

Self Positional Activation™ (SPA)

A practically applied  isometric-contraction application focusing on reconnecting body-brain communication  and movement patterns.

Self Fascial Mobilisers™ (SFM)

The use of subtle, rhythmical movement focusing on freeing the fascial aspects of tissue to enhance body-brain communication.

The SOMA System: LEAD

Learn how to apply the LEAD system to you as an individual, a professional or a business owner. The LEAD method comprises of listening, engaging, appraising and designing.

Gain a thorough understanding of this concept through investing and attending in SOMA’s Education opportunities

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